No better time to experience the Plaza Pool

The Plaza Pool is located in your community and is waiting for you to use it to benefit you today. You don’t need to know how to swim, you don’t even need to get your hair wet and you don’t need to even go under the water, you just need to move your body in the water. One hour or more for three or more days a week is all it takes to make some positive changes in you, add years to your life and just plain help you feel better. Did you know that walking in the water is more of a workout than walking on land (not that land isn’t good, but some people just can’t do that). The three of us are living proof that the pool has worked in the past and still continues to work today. Two of us are over 80 years old and one of us is in his 70s, two of us are still instructing class, one of us has worked with the blind, hearing impaired, paraplegic, brain injury, autistic, down syndrome, wheelchair bound and more for over 40 years and one of us has reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, got rid of the walker and cane and dropped three clothes sizes all here at the Plaza Pool. All we can say now is “do it for yourself” you deserve to feel better.