No virus farewell just yet

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There, there. That wasn’t so bad after all, was it? Oh, yes, it was. So, 470-plus days into this gawd-awful COVID-19 thing, the governor has declared that, as of June 22, all of those restrictive restrictions she slapped on most of the state’s population have gone poof. No more news ...

Don’t defund police, ‘re-fund’ police

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We need police, almost all of whom perform their jobs honorably and admirably, to keep us safe. Police do more than arrest bad guys and keep drugs, guns, and other dangers off our streets. They also help with everything from medical emergencies to fires to keeping our roadways moving ...

Learning to see the shapes of things

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Years ago, I called for a tow truck. The woman on the other end of the line asked the customary questions: “What’s wrong with the car?” (It no longer moves). “Where is it?” (Outside my window). After hanging up, I noticed that my girlfriend was staring at me in mute ...

Thoughts on fish and fights and fatherhood

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“‘I wish the world wasn’t the way it is and that things didn’t have to happen to brothers.’ “‘I do, too,’ Thomas Hudson said. ‘You’re an awfully good boy, Tommy. But please know I would have stopped this long ago except that I know that if David catches this fish he’ll ...

Why aren’t we looking into fire authority?

Letters to the Editor

I am grateful to the city firefighters for serving Alpena Township residents during this staff shortage. Township residents have to consider what fire department services they want, because some township officials are considering turning fire department operations over to the city. The ...

A truly blessed Northeast Michigan summer

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School’s out, Alpena strawberries are in, and the weather seems just about perfect outside. Does it really get any better than this? I was thinking about that the other day after having just returned home from a birthday party with one of my granddaughters. And, while that was fun and ...