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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero We have a critical shortage in this country that could severely hamper our economy and threatens America’s standing in the world. Not semiconductors or fuel or truck drivers, nurses, or teachers. No. ...

Shutting down the gov’t is not acceptable

Letters to the Editor

2 in 3 Americans believe it’s never ok to shut down the federal government. Depending on its length, a government shutdown could impact lots of programs. Everything from student loan and nutrition assistance hotlines to pay for government workers (including those in the military) to CDC ...

A job well done to Hillman Sports Hall of Fame

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Ten years ago, Wendell Orm asked a simple question: Why not Hillman? That question led to the creation of the Hillman Sports Hall of Fame, which will induct its 10th class at Hillman High School next Saturday. “I was noticing that other schools had this sort of thing and that Hillman ...

Congrats, Sunrise Centre, on upcoming facility

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Sunrise Centre, which serves individuals struggling with substance abuse or ongoing mental health conditions, will this spring build a new facility on its Walnut Street property, the organization told News staff writer Mike Gonzalez for a recent story. “We want to make sure that when people ...

Soaring into autumn this year

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It’s coming. Truth is, it already has arrived. I’m talking about autumn and that subtle switch outside from a humid, steamy warmth to instead a warmth that refreshes the soul, because it also contains a whisper of a slight breeze. One is almost oppressive, the other is rather ...

We should serve homeless vets

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Homeless veterans served our country. Now, we should serve them From the rural communities of northern Michigan to the urban corridors of Metro Detroit, thousands of Michigan’s military veterans are living in shelters, on the streets, or crashing on friends’ couches, and it is completely ...