Congress, do something — anything — now

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How long, oh, Lord? How long? How long before one of those bullets screaming around the nation comes screaming at my son’s school? At my church? At my work? It seems like a numbers game now. A matter of when, not if. Some Americans have now survived multiple mass shootings. It seems ...

Make a difference, please clean your yards

Letters to the Editor

Spring is just around the corner. Just a reminder to the residents of Alpena to take stock of their yards as during the winter they may have become cluttered and if the city follows up on the debris ordinance and cites the junk vehicle properties it’s sure to make a difference in your ...

We live in a wonderful and frightening future

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I hate to admit it, but I was a bit envious earlier this week. There in Monday’s newspaper was the most sought-after interview of a famous newsmaker that others only dream of interviewing, and the staff of The Alpena News had secured it. The interview in Monday’s newspaper was with ...

Canadian Great Lakes investment welcome

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It’s hard to imagine anything more important to the long-term vitality of Michigan than the health of the Great Lakes. And those lakes just got a major boost after Canada promised to invest the equivalent of about $306 million in Great Lakes restoration. That brings Canada, which touches ...

Consent decree dangerous for local fishing

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Justin Hinkley’s column of March 18, on the theme of “Sunshine Week,” which celebrates open government, quotes the Dalai Lama: “A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” The column concludes, “The government works for the people, and ought to be ...

On science and faith

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Rosalind Picard is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, consistently ranked one of the top two or three universities in the world and the number-one university in her field. Early in her academic career, she had it figured out: Science is the clear winner in the search ...