Thanks for better lighting at bad intersection

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The dangerous intersection at 3rd Avenue and Hobbs Drive just got a little less dangerous for schoolkids who walk to and from school every day. That’s because the city’s electrical contractor has installed bright LED bulbs in the intersection’s two existing light posts – which ...

Alpena’s youngest need more support

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We know that the earliest years of a child’s life are crucial. Birth to age 5 is when we develop most rapidly, whether physically, intellectually, socially or emotionally. That lays the foundations for future wellbeing and success. That’s why it’s key that Michigan makes sure our ...

Capital improvement plan good idea

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A capital improvement plan, often referred to as a CIP, is a simple enough document. It’s essentially a list of major infrastructure or other construction or renovation projects you want to tackle and the approximate cost of each project. Creating a list helps you to plan for, save for, and ...

After Oxford, what’s on our lawmakers’ table?

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When in doubt, form a study committee. That is often the go-to play in the legislative playbook on how to deal with some issues that have captured the public’s attention. So it is with the world after the Oxford school killings, as the Michigan House has formed a bipartisan committee on — ...

Is your arc bending toward justice?

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“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” — abolitionist Theodore Parker, as quoted by Martin Luther King Jr. King may have borrowed that quote from a 19th-century abolitionist clergyman, but King’s the one who popularized it. What the phrase means, ...

The joys of playing in the snow

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Don’t tell my parents, but, as a teenager, I was in more car accidents than they know. Almost all of those untold tales involve snow, and only one includes another car (they found out about that one). The kindness of strangers along Long Rapids Road saved me on more than one occasion. ...