Combating drug addiction a worthy fight

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About $2 million will reach Northeast Michigan as soon as July to help battle drug addiction, thanks to the settlement of a national lawsuit against opioid makers. Alpena County stands to receive $1.1 million, Presque Isle County $500,000, and Montmorency and Alcona counties about $300,000 ...

Must close asset forfeiture loopholes

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The story is hard to believe. A mayor and police chief conducted a “fire inspection” of a building where medical marijuana was being grown and seized the property for a year and a half without charging anyone with a crime. They then tried to get the property owners to buy two new ...

New ACC program a smart move

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It’s easy to forget just how much goes into our ability to flip a switch and have light illuminate our homes. But Alpena Community College hasn’t forgotten. That’s why the school launched a program to train people to take care of an important part of our utility system: Keeping ...

Abortion debate riles state politics

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The young reporter with zippo experience writing a weekly political column was hired to do just that, so it was off to the Rolodex (anybody remember those?). Who to call for some wisdom from someone who was seasoned in that gig? “Hughey, how does one go about writing a column?” On ...

With Roe decision, the fight is yours

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Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has reversed the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that granted abortion rights to women across America, the fight over abortion rights immediately goes back to the states. And to you. There’s definitely a fight here in Michigan. Here, Roe v. Wade nullified a ...

Summer time is family time

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My management style is to make the rounds, trying to chat with our leaders every day, seeing how I can help solve their problems. Almost always, the conversation starts with me asking something about their personal life: How was your weekend? How did this go? How is that person doing? This ...