Gun control is not the solution

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Does the recent rise in school violence warrant infringing on the gun rights of American citizens? The Republican position on this is “no”, because guns are not the cause of school violence. Instead, we must eliminate the causes of school violence by providing our hurting and troubled ...

Happy to see happy hunters

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Hunters are happier than they’ve been in nearly a decade and a half, according to a recent Michigan Department of Natural Resources survey. The DNR’s annual survey — 20,000 responded — found that more than half of the hunters said they had had a satisfying deer hunting experience in ...

On possible DDA boundary expansion

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Over the last few years, our organization (the Downtown Development Authority) was approached by several business and property owners who asked what it would take to expand the DDA boundaries and allow those property owners to have access to DDA resources. In the last few months, the DDA has ...

Why I write: A short history

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Stories empower, and they extend generations. They provide a base for community and allow for a shared experience among people of wildly different backgrounds. From the ancient Band of Thebes to the modern-day LGBTQIA+ activists, queer history exists and it empowers everyone in the queer ...

Red Dot Project frustrating but necessary

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Safety is worth a little inconvenience. So say we after reading News staff writer Julie Riddle’s recent report about Alpena County’s Red Dot Project, which has multiple county departments working together and with the state to correct bad addresses in the county, such as odd-numbered ...

Choose to bask in the blessings

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I was sick for a few weeks. I really felt awful. I saw the grim reaper out of the corner of my eye. I felt so lousy I couldn’t bake or cook, so the reaper decided it wasn’t worth it to come in. Since I had zero energy, I had time to reminisce and think. I think about how lucky I was to ...