Bergman needs to apologize for election suit

Letters to the Editor

If Jack Bergman truly believes the document he signed that was submitted to the Supreme Court stating that the Michigan election results are invalid, then he needs to leave his office in January, because that makes his election also invalid. If, however, he believes he was elected in ...

Know your landscape from the ground up

Editorials and columns

Drive an hour in any direction in northern Michigan and you’ll see the landscape change in dramatic ways. The explanation often lies in the soil. Don’t call it “dirt” — dirt is the stuff that scuffs up your sneakers or collects under your fingernails during a day of yard work. ...

Those who signed election suit should resign

Letters to the Editor

Recently, 126 House Republicans threw their support behind a Texas attempt to overturn the election results in four battleground states including Michigan. Among the representatives who signed on are several members from Michigan who have just won races in the very states whose elections ...

You can be a community hero

Editorials and columns

Do you like quaint downtown Alpena? That’s the work of dedicated merchants who believed in their dreams and themselves. The promise to deliver those special goods with hometown pride and artisanry we’ve come to love. From that awesome cup of coffee to that great restaurant to that ...

Congress should respect other house’s votes

Letters to the Editor

The concluding sentence in Friday’s article, “Congress may work into weekend on virus relief” (Dec. 18, 2A), was incorrect when it stated: “The pending bill is the first significant legislative response to the pandemic since the landmark CARES Act passed virtually unanimously in ...

Now, we know who Rep. Jack Bergman really represents

Letters to the Editor

If you have ever wondered who it is Jack Bergman represents, wonder no more. By signing on to the so-called lawsuit filed by the Texas attorney general to overthrow the Michigan election, he left little doubt where he stands. It’s not with Michigan voters or for free and fair elections. We ...