Ironton proves value of marine sanctuary

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It’s hard to believe the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary has been around for almost 23 years now. Time has a way of passing quickly, I guess. And, while today the sanctuary is a vital and well-respected research, tourism, and educational part of our community, that wasn’t the ...

Trips offer new experiences, perspectives

Letters to the Editor

My response to Mr. Shuman: Wow. I made three trips to Guaymas in Sonora, Mexico: (1) with the VOSH group (Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity). Each volunteer had two suitcases, one filled with eyeglasses (extras were left for next time); (2) helping build an orphanage, after traveling ...

Check, upgrade your smoke alarms

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Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, and leaders at the Alpena Fire Department say that’s the perfect time to check to make sure the batteries are working in the smoke alarms in your home. Most smoke alarms have a test button that you push to make sure the alarm beeps. The Alpena Fire ...

Grateful for generosity of local community

Letters to the Editor

Let me start by saying I, as well as the area veterans (approximately 2,500 in Alpena alone), are grateful for the way the people of this area stepped up and generously contributed to a new DAV van to transport veterans to downstate appointments. At that time, there were three of us taking ...

The importance of memory

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When I was a kid, I was a map freak. No Google Maps then, rather, ad-free, unexpandable, non-contractable, color-coded paper representations, wrinkled and stained by sundry spillage. These maps had a compass rose, a scale of miles, and waves of faint parallel lines marking elevations — ...

A cage of legalism

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Journal entry by Loretta Beyer — Feb. 28, 2021 Growing up in the hostel under our mission’s policies and religious mandates, we experienced what I call a strong feeling of legalism. We were not supposed to play with Face cards, only other table games. We were required to study ...