What often works is a good soup

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After a delicious Thanksgiving dinner — we even had mashed potatoes and gravy, an extravagance now seldom allowed — I was assigned the task of removing residual meat from the turkey carcass. This I did until only small measures of succulence remained tucked here and there in nooks and ...

Why is the media so silent on Afghanistan?

Letters to the Editor

How come the media is silent on the greatest scandal ever that the American taxpayers have endured. The lengthy war in Afghanistan, which ended up in a colossal disaster, and billions of dollars in loss of military equipment that was left for the enemy to do what they please. They can even sell ...

The importance of a name

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I love the name of this column, Everyday Faith. Names can be fun. When asked what is your favorite food, my then-4-year-old son said without skipping a beat, “Chicken Corn Dog Blue.” We knew what he meant. Names can be very revealing or very problematic. My first college degree was ...

Programs for private forest landowners

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The U.S. Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program (fia.fs.fed.us/) provides a wealth of information about forests in our country. For instance, FIA data describe how forest ownership patterns differ geographically. West of the Mississippi River the vast majority of forests ...

Giving Tuesday lived up to its name!

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Northeast Michigan, you did yourself proud this past Tuesday — or should I say this past Giving Tuesday, which falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Locally, it is spearheaded by the Community Foundation of Northeast Michigan, held in conjunction with the Community Foundations for ...

Invest in child care aid smartly

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It excited us to learn that the state would set aside $1.4 billion in federal money over the next two years to invest in child care startups. It troubled us to learn just how hard it could be for child care providers to get that money. As News staff writer Barbara Woodham reported recently, ...