Distressed at News’ decision to run cartoon

Letters to the Editor

I am penning this email to enlighten you on an opinion and what will be subsequent actions on my part. I am extremely distressed at your decision to publish a particular “cartoon” in this past Saturday’s paper on the “editorial” page July 24, 2021. I am completely confused at this ...

Unfunny “comic” or attack on firefighters?

Letters to the Editor

I have silently watched this drama since November and know good people on both Alpena Township and Alpena City Fire Departments. I’ve witnessed politics wreak havoc on the veracity of people on both sides of this issue. However, I was truly outraged by Mr. Roorda’s editorial “comic.” I ...

CRTC investment is welcome

Editorials and columns

The Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center does a lot for Northeast Michigan. In addition to its primary function of preparing the National Guard to protect or aid us in emergencies, it boosts the region’s economy by bringing guardsmen to our area who spend in our restaurants and shop in ...

Reflections of a Queer Alpena High alumni

Letters to the Editor

I never felt safe enough in high school to give much attention to myself. Many things at that age gnawed at me from the inside out – my sexuality, my gender, my friendships developing in ways that weren’t strictly platonic – and I had to ignore large portions of that because my ...

A harbormaster’s job is more than you think

Editorials and columns

Life can be a float on a pleasant day’s calmness, or it can be something rather different. It depends on how well you handle the ripples, how good you are at predicting their arrival and avoiding those that will grow larger.  Either way, it’s not the spray that will harm you. The first ...