On celebrating this season of hope

Letters to the Editor

There was a time when individuals took pride in their personal property, whether by flower plantings, home repairs, or just a name sign. Highway U.S. 23, has some great family name signs that make you chuckle as you drive by (thank you), others have displayed flags flying the “F” bomb, ...

Happy Hanukkah

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This year’s Hanukkah began Thursday and runs through Dec. 15. The eight-day holiday for Jews and those who’ve converted to Judaism celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple at the beginning of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire in the 2nd century. During Hanukkah, ...

Giving is the best part of Christmas

Editorials and columns

Every December, I get so excited shopping and checking off my list, and wrapping each gift, that by Christmas morning, I almost forget I’m going to be receiving gifts, as well. It’s a blast to open my presents, but I actually think I prefer watching others open what I got for them. I ...

Residential grant program good idea

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The Alpena Downtown Development Authority wants to expand its facade grant program to residential buildings within the DDA boundaries. Currently, the DDA gives up to $10,000 to business owners within the DDA district to improve the facades of their buildings. The business owners have to pay a ...

Penguins can teach us a lot about community strength

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Hundreds of thousands of Emperor Penguins live at the bottom of the world and emerge from the sea each April to trek over 50 miles to their inland colonies. After breeding, the females return to the sea for food and the males stay behind, each incubating a solitary egg in a pouch above their ...

Better e-cig policies needed

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Teen tobacco use has been falling for decades, declining by more than 93% in Michigan from 2001 to 2021. The substantial decline in youth tobacco use is no doubt a result of both greater awareness about the health risks as well as laws designed to discourage smoking. But emerging trends ...