Thanks to all who gave their all for us

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America, she sure has her problems, but without a doubt she remains the best nation on the planet and that is in no small part because of the numerous freedoms we enjoy. Freedom of expression. Freedom to assemble. The right to bear arms. A free and independent press. The right to a fair and ...

Summer memories and thanks

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I always loved Memorial Day. For that matter, I still do. I wish I could say I love the holiday solely for what it represents: a way of honoring our fallen soldiers who paid the ultimate price in service to their county. And, make no mistake, I am humbled just thinking about such ...

Bring burning coals

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Have you ever had the experience of being familiar with a text but you harbored major questions regarding the meaning of said passage? Have you felt like the blind man in Bethsaida in Mark 8? You were given “some sight,” but there was still quite a bit of haze? In Mark’s account, ...

Remembering vets this Memorial Day

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This coming Monday, I will see if I can still squeeze into my Navy uniform and join Memorial Day tributes with Michigan’s 462,000 veterans. Across Northeast Michigan’s four-county region, fellow veterans, family members, and dear friends will pay homage at parades, tributes, picnics, and ...

My worst mistake ever

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All of us officials have a laundry list of bad calls, dumb mistakes, etc., that we have done while officiating. There is no question, this was my worst mistake ever: It was a summer Connie Mack (high school-age) game in the Saginaw District Tournament. I was UIC (Umpire In Chief) for the ...

News accepts guest columns

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The Alpena News accepts guest columns of up to 800 words from individuals whose expertise in and/or personal experience with a subject can offer insights beyond the limits of a letter to the editor. Only subjects affecting Michigan —particularly Northeast Michigan —will be considered. ...