On church and the United States Supreme Court

Letters to the Editor

I grew learning in church school. I was raised on Bible stories. God and Heaven were sometimes in question. But, religion guided by the Ten Commandments was always a good thing and the United States Constitution guaranteed the separation of church and state. I remember in the late 1950s when ...

Fix OMA for members and public

Editorials and columns

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many things to light — some not so good, like a tendency to insert politics where it doesn’t belong. Some pretty good, like a participation spike in government when meetings were remote. While there are few things we are nostalgic about from the pandemic, ...

Juvenile justice beds needed

Editorials and columns

Michigan has two state-operated juvenile residential facilities: the Shawono Center in Grayling and the Bay Pines Center in Escanaba. The state also has 25 county or court-operated juvenile detention facilities, according to a 2020 report from Wayne State University. None are in Northeast ...

Congrats to ACC on success

Editorials and columns

Community colleges serve an important role in our communities and our economy. For some, community colleges are the only affordable path to postsecondary education, helping to bridge high school and university in a cost-effective way. For others, community colleges offer the training ...

Don’t panic over ‘forever’ chemicals

Editorials and columns

For most of the 20th century, environmental concerns centered on water, air, land, and habitats, and tremendous improvements were made in the democracies. Interest in those issues in recent decades, however, has taken a back seat to climate change. But, with the growing attention paid to ...

Film fest is worth the trip

Editorials and columns

The Great Lakes are perhaps Michigan’s — and Northeast Michigan’s — greatest treasure. And the Thunder Bay International Film Festival can teach us just how important the lakes — and the oceans — are to each and every one of us. The 11th annual festival starts Thursday in ...