Is this a prelude to Nazi-style book burning?

Letters to the Editor

Arrogant extremists threatening to cut funding for the Alpena library (shutting it down) over a few books and planned efforts to cut Alpena County school funding for similar reasons will result in significant harm to the community. Is this just a prelude to Nazi-style book burning? It appears ...

The fabrication of real things

Editorials and columns

Have you ever started along a path only to encounter a remembrance that sends you off in a different direction? It recently happened to me — again. I wanted to write about the W.D. Benjay Co. They recently built a new building in Alpena, on Cavanaugh Street, next to the railroad tracks. ...

Morrisons glad for years as your family grocer

Letters to the Editor

Dear Community — In 1954, Bill and Marge Morrison took a chance and moved their young family to Hillman to open up a grocery store. With their then three children in tow, Susan, David, and Rhonda, they started an adventure that lasted nearly 70 years. Children Doug and Beth joined the ...

Fragrances of spring

Editorials and columns

Have you slowed down to enjoy the fragrances of spring? The lily of the valley bed near my front door is nearly done blooming, but the delicate flowers have been releasing their perfume for several weeks. Each time I catch a whiff of their captivating smell, memories of my grandfather’s ...

News sportswriter bids farewell as he heads to college

Editorials and columns

Just over two years ago, The Alpena News took a chance on an average 15-year-old from Alpena High School. This kid lacked any journalism experience, and, frankly, had no business being a freelance writer for The News. Reflecting on it, I’m astonished that the company hired him — even ...

A very favorite coach

Editorials and columns

Answer to last week’s rule question: Foul ball. It is always the position of the ball, not the player, that determines whether a bowl is fowl or not. If the player is in fair territory and touches the ball and the ball is over fair territory, it is a fair ball. If the ball is over foul ...