Eclipse offered happiness shared by millions

On Monday, many were reminded of the power and beauty of the cosmos when Luna glided to cross paths with Ra in their magnificent celestial dance. Our eclipse was not full, but no less astonishing.

My wife and I watched together. She has a disease of the mind and now only lives in the moment, but what a moment it was. There was no doubt about the joy the heavens brought us. We became children filled with the wonder of just being.

Later, viewing the news, clearly the same happiness was shared by millions. The event united us with the realization we are all children of the universe.

Who then is responsible?

The who is whoever we conceive, the Great Spirit, the Force, were we looking into the face of God? If these few minutes can bring us together we need to find ways to make that happen much, much more. Turning Brook hosted our wonderful eclipse party which will be the last time many of us will experience this brand of cosmic magic. A special thanks to Kristen Bates of Turning Brook who was our guide.




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