Candidates should be ashamed of supporters who steal signs

Most of us learned from our parents the rule of treating others as we wish to be treated. Kindergarten reinforced this, and also the rule of respecting others’ property. Later schooling instilled an important tenet of our democracy — that each person has equal value, equal rights, and an equal voice.

It’s unfortunate that there are those among us who never learned these lessons. Touting a need for law and order, they seem to think it applies only to others. Claiming the importance of the First Amendment, they seem to feel it ensures freedom of speech only for them.These miscreants apparently have nothing constructive to contribute and, with no respect for others’ property or civil rights, they amuse themselves by removing signs supporting candidates with whom they disagree. We have had signs removed three times. Were I running for public office, I would be ashamed to have such undemocratic supporters.

I will vote for respect, responsibility, and decency.


Presque Isle


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