Alpena News can’t win with the Republicans

Trump lovers, quit crying to The Alpena News about not getting enough print for your man and the GOP! Actually, you should be sending Editor Bill Speer and Managing Editor Justin Hinkley a nice box of imported fine chocolates or a bottle of fine wine, because The Alpena News has been the best thing for the GOP for years!

The News has been accused by several of us for a long time of being the best newsletter for the GOP in Northeast Michigan. There is no doubt about their slant on which political party they support, the Republicans, and it is obvious to the reader!

Don’t blame The News regarding your President Donald Trump. He has done everything possible to prove that he is unfit to be president. You just don’t want to admit it. It’s difficult to cover for someone who has demonstrated regularly that they are so unfit. Crying to The News for more positive coverage is probably difficult!

I am probably opening myself up to being referred to as “scum” by Trump and Trump lovers, but that doesn’t bother me, because I’d rather be called scum than a Trump lover.




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