Middle class isn’t going to benefit from cuts

It came as no surprise that you support the Republican tax bill. You are as predictable as the sunrise over Thunder Bay. But it is dishonest to withhold some inconvenient facts from your readers. For instance, the tax cut for the middle class is scheduled to expire in five to 10 years depending on income. In fact any person earning less than 75k per year,which I would guess is a large percentage of your readers, will pay more in taxes than they pay now. Also the Republicans have written in a trigger,that will make automatic cuts to Medicare and Social Security if the tax cuts don’t generate the revenue they predict. No economist believes they will. Some Republican members of Congress have openly admitted that this plan is nothing more than a reward to their big money donors for financing their campaigns.

The notion that a 5th Avenue real estate tycoon, and his billionaire accomplices, and the CEOs of huge multinational companies are going to have the average working person’s best interest at heart would be laughable, if not for the fact that there are many people gullible enough to believe it.

Tom Splitt