Do your civic duty and take the jury duty

To me, one of the most important things a citizen can do is take jury duty. Yes it is a sacrifice, but jury duty is one of the last checks against tyranny outside voting. Under our common law tradition, and even was enunciated by Samuel Adams that not only can you judge the facts of the laws, but the morality of it as well. Up to the Civil War several Northern juries ruled in favor of run away slaves, going against the federal law at the time. Further, people make a difference every day against the war on drugs, guns, the family, violations of constitutional rights,and other government over reaches. I plead with you that when you are called for jury duty, go to it, and if the laws go against the spirit of our country or the Constitution, decide on not guilty. Jury nullification was a check against the English King under the English common law system, and it is a defense against tyranny in our time.

Zach Boyle