Voters, think about who you are voting for

To all voters:

Please look at what they have done, not what they tell you what they will do.

Everyone knows that the socialist Democrats are the largest hate group in the world. They voted to impeach Donald Trump even though all the Dems’ legal counsel told them Trump did not do anything illegal.

From day one, they made up lies by the hundreds. In 40-plus years Joe Biden did nothing. As vice president, when elected his net worth was less than $1 million in several years over $10 million on vice president salary. Not legally.

He is a puppet to Barack Obama. First two years they gave Hamas billions. When elected he said Hamas was Isis. Pulled troops out of Afghanistan. Left all military equipment intact for Isis. Trump wants closed border as it should be.

Dems want open borders. Murder babies yet dopers and illegals in and want to give them amnesty. People pay taxes not corporations. Biden can’t raise taxes. Congress does. He lies about social security. Dems will destroy health care, the economy, and raise taxes on guns and ammo so will be impossible to afford for average, honest people. Kamala Harris owns a handgun but wants legislature to ban honest citizens from owning one. Very sad.

Dems want to confiscate all semi-automatic guns. They can’t erase the Second Amendment. Sad.

Please think and don’t let socialism which is community same thing. No more restrictions. Keep us free.




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