Muszynski serves community, deserves vote

Having known Cynthia Muszynski for many years we are proud to support her as Alpena County prosecutor.

Cynthia has demonstrated her ability as an excellent, tenacious prosecuting attorney over the past 11 years. Her integrity, professionalism and passion for the welfare of the community is demonstrated in both her highly effective prosecution of cases and her engagement in new responses to community needs.

Cynthia’s work in the areas of children’s advocacy and sexual assault responses show her compassion for victims’ rights and the welfare of vulnerable individuals. She has gone above and beyond to obtain justice and also support victims on the path to healing.

Cynthia has also been instrumental in significant improvements in the way that the community responds to people who struggle with substance use and mental health problems as well as intergenerational poverty. Through innovative programs like the District Drug/Sobriety Court she has worked to help many people break the cycle of social determinants and difficult personal challenges which perpetuate crime, leading to a safer community.

As assistant prosecutor and now Alpena County Prosecuting Attorney Cynthia has done extremely well in representing the people of the Alpena County, Please support her and vote for Cynthia Muszynski on Nov. 3!


Presque Isle


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