APS school board: Do the essential work first

I recently read the minutes from the May 18 school board meeting.

It read that they are not replacing the roofs on the schools until next year.

Is the school board sitting on their brains?

Without a good roof, you do not have a building. By not replacing the roof now, you are going to have more problems.

The ceiling tiles are falling, asbestos will be falling from the ceiling, as well as black mold growing. Why was the millage passed last fall if the work we voted on won’t be worked on this year?

Bids should have been taken and contractors lined up to get this done.

The boilers are another concern of mine — they need to be fixed or new ones put in. The longer things take to get done, the more time they will have to waste money on “non-essential” things. Rumor has it they’re working on parking lots this year instead.

What happened to keeping our kids safe?




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