What my friend taught me about success

My friend Paul passed away recently. Paul’s life wasn’t measured by a clock, or even a day for that matter, as much as by the season: time to let his cattle out to pasture, time to vaccinate his calves, time to cut hay or bale straw, time to cut wood for winter, or time to go deer hunting.

Over the many years helping Paul, I learned what it meant to be successful. Success consists of four criteria; they are:

∫ First, know what you want in life. Not everyone is able to figure this out.

∫ Second, achieve what it is you want in life. Not only does this require knowing what you want in life, but it requires an element of luck. You can have the best-laid plans and then life comes along and pow, socks you right between the eyes.

∫ Third, realize you have what you want in life. If you are lucky enough to achieve what you want in life, you have to possess the awareness to see what you have, to accept that things are not always perfect but that you wouldn’t want it any other way.

∫ Finally — and this is what ties everything together — appreciate what you have. This characteristic, more than anyone else, I saw in Paul. I couldn’t begin to count how many times he acknowledged how thankful he was for having the life he lived.

You see, Paul knew what he wanted in life from when he was a young man. He achieved what he wanted by staying on the farm. Paul was well aware the farm was all he wanted. And not a day went by that he took it for granted.

Paul was the most successful person I’ve ever known. For that life lesson, I thank you my friend.




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