What would Jesus say about your silence?

Disgusting. Where is the outrage from evangelical Christians, regular Christians, Republicans, humans, on the horrid conditions children are subjected to at the border? Where are the Christian leaders in our own community? Silence. Christians love to say all life is sacred. They pass heartbeat laws to make their point. Once born, that sacred life becomes a nuisance if that life needs health care, housing and protection.

Anyone remember a man named Joseph with a wife Mary and newborn son fleeing their home country? They were immigrants willing to face unknown circumstances for a better life. Christians, they were immigrants!!!!!!!!!! Thank God they did not arrive at OUR southern border, where immoral President Dondald Trump’s cruelty is on full display. Baby Jesus would have been taken from Mary’s arms and faced hunger, and possible death.

Melania, a mother and immigrant herself, does nothing. “Be Best,” she says. Why not follow her own slogan? Disgusting.

Thirty pieces of silver was all it took for Christians to keep silent on Immoral Trump’s policies and personal behavior. The stock market is up, the moral compass of our country is down. Immoral Trump touts our standing in the world and that is fake news.

Keep silent, Christians, ignore your values, count your silver. Your voice will be found as soon as a Democrat is elected. I look forward to your words flowing like sewage down a hill.

I asked the question before, what would Jesus do? What would Jesus say? Now I ask you: “What will you say to Jesus when He asks you about your silence?”




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