Social Security, Medicare, other priorities

This is in direct response to the out-of-state Republican pundits. My question: Do they care about the needs and desires of our community?

My question to you: Are we sure what our top priorities are? Here are some and you tell me what you think.

Protect Social Security and Medicare. Reduce presidential power. Promote background check on guns. Gun-free school zones. Pro-choice with limits. Make part-time positions full time with benefits. Reduce residential property taxes. Limit campaign contributions. Police chiefs need ballot approval. Equal pay and rights for women. Stop the Enbridge oil pipeline. Cleaner air. Protect the Great Lakes Basin. Protect farmers from tariffs. Higher hourly wages and benefits. Protect Medicaid for the low income. Alternative energy like windmills. Put limits on utility cost to a vote. Keep coverage for existing Health conditions.

Let the newspaper know your thoughts.




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