Vote yes on bonds for Ella White students

There are alarming health hazards students and adults are exposed to at Ella White. The art room is the original kitchen with asbestos ceiling tiles. Some are missing and some have holes. The floor is the original asbestos tiles. Some of those are missing, as well. This does not allow students to reach their full artistic and musical potential.

The ancient boiler is a major concern. It is continuously worked on. This school needs to be running on two boilers and is down to one. This one is on its last leg, and, if it goes, the replacement cost is beyond the school’s reach. Furthermore, the school would need to be fully brought up to code, which would be impossible to fund.

The roof leaks and simply needs to be replaced. Inside, there are a lot of ceiling tiles that are water-damaged and could collapse, exposing asbestos. Windows need to be replaced, need locks, and some leak. The lead pipes freeze in the winter and many classroom sinks are boarded up.

Lockers have rusted out, bottoms of which may present sharp edges and deep holes, which welcome furry friends. Some storage areas are topped with ceilings of peeling lead-based paint. The paint can fall right into students’ materials.

Asbestos is an alarming word. Remember the big uproar at the high school over the asbestos exposure over a single tile? Ella White has missing asbestos tiles in the building.

Here is the big one: SECURITY. Our school has many entrances and only ONE security camera!!

Your vote is NEEDED! If something happens at our school, our students are going to be in crisis mode.