Bergman let district down with health care stance

Our representative, Jack Bergman, responded to my call to ask him not to vote for the House’s American Health Care Act. Though I appreciate the response, it only reinforced that he will keep peddling the Kool-Aid our Republican-led government is feeding us regarding health care.

His letter (and the AHCA bill) ignores two policies that made Obamacare work because the Republicans are determined to drop these from any plan.

One is the “all in” concept requiring all Americans obtain insurance. The reality is that “all in” is ultimately the only fair and rational policy for fixing healthcare. The young and temporarily healthy may feel they should not be forced to buy insurance, but they too will age and need it. Additionally, every time an uninsured “youngster” arrives at the ER, we all pay more to cover for them. It is fair that the system is supported by everyone.

The second issue Bergman fails to address is this bill is a huge tax break to the very rich and the all-ready swimming-in-cash healthcare industry. It is time they paid their fair share, especially if it means coverage for millions of citizens.

Please know the Trump administration is not paying premiums the way the Obamacare law requires, which is one of the major reasons premiums are going up and market places are currently fragile. Obamacare does need tweaks, but the Republicans could work to fix it verses artificially sabotaging it and ignoring the basic ideas that make it financially work.

The First Congressional District, that Bergman represents, is one of the most elderly and economically stagnant districts in the nation. The AHCA would be a disaster to us, and Bergman, marching to the drum of strict partisan politics, seems to have an easy time ignoring our needs.

Carol Medland

Hubbard Lake