Region continues to benefit from Bessers’ philanthropy

We are forever amazed, and grateful, to the generosity and philanthropic spirit of Anna and Jesse Besser.

Their foresight in 1944 has resulted in hundreds upon hundreds of projects and improvements around Northeast Michigan from the original donation they seeded their foundation with.

This week The Alpena News reported on grants awarded to Alpena Public Schools from the Besser Foundation for a variety of educational enhancements for teachers and students. Awards ranged from small awards to $5,000.

“There’s lot of technology and a need for technology when asked for these things,” Superintendent JohnVanWagoner said of the Besser awards. “We’re really excited and appreciate what the Besser Foundation was able to do for us.”

We appreciate the foundation’s generosity as well.

In this instance not only do the schools benefit by having equipment and programming they otherwise couldn’t afford, but now students will have their learning expanded through this technology.

It is a huge win-win for Alpena, and it all started from a vision an Alpena couple had for the community in which they earned their livelihood.

The foundation’s mission statement says it is “to receive and administer funds for scientific, educational, religious and charitable purposes, for all the public welfare.”

Isn’t it wonderful to see the Besser legacy living on through awards like those this week.