Vote for only true Dem running for 106th

I am appealing to voters. Please vote for democracy!

In the primary election for the 106th state House District that covers much of Northeast Michigan, vote for the only true Democrat in the race: Trina Borenstein.

First, let me say: There is a MAGA Republican scam occurring in this race.

Trina’s Primary opponent, Mary Lucille Hamilton, has consistently donated to, and supported, MAGA Republican candidates. She has filed on the final day possible, to run as a Democrat in the 106th primary to steal your vote. Look at her photo going viral on social media posts. She is wearing a “Make USA Great Again” hat at a Trump rally. That says it all.

If this tactic offends you, or if it piques your curiosity of this effort to compromise your vote, click on this link for the actual photo: FzfuU8bX0AE6eHk.jpeg

This is the strategy of Project 2025 of the MAGA Republicans. Do not be fooled or fall for this scam.

We have the opportunity to elect a REAL Democrat to replace Cam Cavitt. We have a candidate who believes in the American values of freedom, justice, and opportunity for all … for democracy.

Trust your belief in these values, trust your desire to protect OUR democracy.

Trina will work to ensure your vote is valid, secure, and counted. Vote for Trina Borenstein!


Alpena Township


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