On celebrating this season of hope

There was a time when individuals took pride in their personal property, whether by flower plantings, home repairs, or just a name sign. Highway U.S. 23, has some great family name signs that make you chuckle as you drive by (thank you), others have displayed flags flying the “F” bomb, really!? But I digress, as what I want to point out is the trend back to the positive with the oncoming Holiday Lights displayed by homeowners and businesses alike.

Take a drive, pile the kids, your elders, friends, or your neighbors in the car, and see the amazing endeavors to celebrate this season of hope. There are so many light shows from the refined to the National Lampoon’s ‘Christmas Vacation’ variations. Well done you all. Each one brings smiles and fond memories of the season. On a drive south of Oscoda, around the area of the old Dobson Moving building, there on the east side was an incredible avant-garde display of lights the likes of which I have never seen! It would make Picasso proud. The mere difference of them was awesome. It evoked the essence of our holiday and spoke to the diversity of people and ideas in our communities.

That night I thought, maybe, just maybe, the flow of ‘Hate and Discontent’ is ebbing. Maybe we can get through the ‘wars’ that surround us by merely remembering in our diversity there is Hope…not just for the privileged but for us all.




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