When did the State of Michigan become God?

I just read my newspaper from Aug. 28, 2023. I was amazed to hear that the state government is now in charge of what gender our kids will be? I thought God was in charge of that! I know the state government thinks they are gods, but not in my mind. Now our school board is going along with the State of Michigan in perpetuating that falsehood. Even if you do not believe in God, do you believe in science? Our children do not have the maturity to figure out what they are, but some things are sure. They are either a male or female or human; not an animal or some other thing made up in their heads. When the kids grow up and reach maturity, they can move out and be anything they want. Until then, parents are still responsible for their children and the child’s actions. Time to be a parent and instruct your children in what is right and wrong.




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