Respect life from conception to natural death

The Aug. 27, 2023, editorial on abandonment of puppies in bathrooms by the owner got my attention: I’ve always had a soft spot for mistreated animals but more importantly, it was the reminder of society’s shift away from protecting life, human life, at their most vulnerable stages.

It seems our society is fine with the destruction of babies in their mothers’ womb, and to hear the president of our great country, it is also proper and good to support destroying that baby even seconds before their birth. How barbaric this is. Does anyone remember their thoughts upon learning of civilizations sacrificing babies to their gods of choice? Did anyone say that was proper and good?

We would do well to remember that when society gets used to taking of innocent human life before birth, the gates are down. If you are elderly, disabled, mentally troubled or just a bother, or love someone who is, be watchful. Canada legalized euthanasia in 2016 calling it Medical Assistance in Dying – over 1,000 people used it in the first year. But, according to New York Times columnist David Brooks, it only took five years for the number of lives lost to reach over 10,000.

Pregnancy resource centers are available for women facing a crisis pregnancy. Gaylord and Alpena have organizations that offer free baby items, education and employment opportunities, parenting and financial classes, housing resources, mentor programs and free ultrasounds. You do not have to walk the road alone.

It will be proper and good when society has respect for life from conception to natural death.




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