Bergman, stop pushing us toward default

America faces a looming default crisis, all because MAGA extremists and their leader, Kevin McCarthy, are trying to force through drastic cuts to bedrock American programs –and Jack Bergman voted to help them do it.

The impacts of these tactics are far-reaching: funding for veterans programs and our schools slashed, programs like Meals on Wheels and food assistance eliminated for millions, hospital funding in jeopardy, and even payment to military service members and their families in doubt. That doesn’t even begin to cover the risks of default, which would spike interest rates and cause chaos for working families here in Michigan, and damage the global economy.

The legislation proposed by Kevin McCarthy and supported by Bergman is a toxic mix of the very worst proposals from the Freedom Caucus. And it’s so telling that one of their main priorities was cutting IRS funding meant to stop the ultra-rich from cheating on their taxes, all at the expense of our working families.

Our community’s health, medical access, and financial stability are at risk if MAGA Republicans don’t back down from this ledge. By continuing to push through fake legislation with no chance of success rather than just passing a clean debt ceiling increase as they have in the past, the MAGA GOP is pushing us toward default. Their irresponsible approach to governing would have severe, wide-reaching impacts that we can’t afford, and would damage the country for decades to come.

I call on Rep. Bergman to stop pushing us toward a dangerous default and to raise the debt limit.


Presque Isle


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