The biased national news needs a catch-tray

March 8 was the most unbelievably comical night I have ever seen on the NBC Nightly News. Some kitchen toasters have a catch-tray underneath to catch the unwanted debris. With the biased, leftist anti-white deluge of disinformation, distortion, and lies the new TVs should have a catch-tray like toasters. My reason is, what the national news is feeding us daily, the tray would need to be 10 times larger than the TV.

I am referring to the police shooting case in Kentucky a few years ago where the police had warrants for a drug bust at a residence and were met with gunfire only to return fire in self defense. NBC didn’t mention that, unfortunately, a young woman was caught in the crossfire and died. The police were condemned for doing their job and defending themselves. A few police bullets went though the wall and into the next apartment and they were condemned again. Years ago, when this country had some sanity in it, the perpetrator would be charged for everything. That woman was a paramedic and somehow didn’t know about the drugs her boyfriend possessed there? NBC and other networks are making the perpetrator a saint and a martyr, like the infamous Minnesota news reporting incident.

Further, NBC had on legislators that blamed climate change for the immigrant problem! Huh! Who? Say again!

If this mockery of biased news continues against law enforcement agencies across the country like this insane defunding thing, crime will continue to spiral out of control, and cities will not be able to recruit police personnel. However, this is what the planners want as crime will be so rampart the demand to destroy the 2nd Amendment and others will be a likelihood.




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