Local mission trip efforts are commendable

Part of good journalism is publishing opinion pieces from readers as “Letters to the Editor.” The Alpena News does this at least weekly. I write in reference to such a letter published on Saturday, March 4 entitled, “Questions about ‘God’s love’ in Belize.” Although not connected to Immanuel Lutheran Church, I feel it necessary to supply some correction to disinformation in the writer’s letter.

I fear that the letter’s writer understands neither God’s love nor Belize. God’s love is expressed in word, deed and attitude. The team from Immanuel Lutheran, out of love for God and in the name of God, are traveling to Belize on a mission to help persons see more clearly. Not knowing the persons on the team, nor the auspices under which they travel to Belize, the letter writer impugns their motives.

Secondly, the writer refers to taking the”Spanish-English dictionary.” Belize is the only majority English-speaking country in Central America. Before its independence it was known as British Honduras. Many persons in Belize do speak Spanish–for one reason because Spanish is the language spoken in the countries that border Belize.

The News merely ran a short story featuring the Immanuel Lutheran team as an example that there are people among us who care for people far away who they do not know, but want to help them anyhow. I consider that commendable, and I know that they will be the richer for their

experience of giving time, love and money to others.




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