A good demonstration of election integrity

At the Jan. 24 meeting, the Alpena County Board of Commissioners had an opportunity to demonstrate their support for “election integrity”. Unusual employment circumstances restricted sitting commissioner John Kozlowski from campaigning to retain his position. In addition, his employment required him to submit a letter of resignation. Rules have strange anomalies and even with the employment rules restricting his campaign they did allow him to be “appointed”.

Mr. Kozlowski was unopposed in the November election and was elected to the office. In parallel with the employment rules-driven circumstance the board was obligated to seek out other district citizens possibly interested in the position. Fellow citizens in Commissioner Kozlowski’s district addressed the rule anomaly and encouraged the board to act in support of the recent election’s clear choice. After hearing their wishes, the Board deliberated and then acted to place Commissioner John Kozlowski on the board. The Alpena County Republican Party agrees with and supports that action in the best interest of “election integrity”.



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