Time to clean up your mess, manufacturers

Here’s the thing: Dana Nessel has filed suit against out-of-state FKI Hardware (formerly Keeler Brass Company) to remove PFAS and other chemical pollutants from 9 of the company’s former, west Michigan ground and water sites. This company is just the latest of 17 businesses being accused of creating health concerns via pollution, also hiding the known risks resulting from their contamination. Wouldn’t legislation for the carbon tax keep corporations aligned with environmental goals and responsible community agents?

Another example is the former Wurtsmith Base in Oscoda, known for contaminating water from the 1950s through the early 1980s. This mess is still quite a dangerous and growing mess. And according to a Nov. 7 MLive article, the reason behind the government’s lack of responsiveness is due to an old time British doctrine basically stating that since the King can do no wrong, he must never be challenged. Our government still relies on this ridiculous, antiquated “sovereign immunity” which prevents citizens from calling them into question let alone make amends to a myriad of poisoned victims.

Now I ask again, wouldn’t a carbon tax put the needed action upon those responsible? Clean up your mess, manufacturers. Clean up your mess, military. Show us you care. I truly do not understand when the equation doesn’t land. Greed and Power = Nothing and no one.




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