It’s time to come to an agreement on water

As a resident of Alpena Township and being concerned about the increase in rates for water/sewer provided to our home, I attended the recent special township meeting this past August, which addressed this issue. I was curious to know why the rate is so high on water purchased from the City of Alpena and sold to Township residents. The meeting was informative with most input given by the Alpena Township Supervisor. Seems that our increase in cost for residents of the township stems from some mistakes made years ago when the water infrastructure was installed. Poor quality that were installed are now failing and need to be replaced. From what I gathered from the meeting, our cost increase is paying for sins of the past. Faulty lines must be replaced and we, the Alpena Township residents, must bear the burden of the cost relating to the replacement of these deteriorating water lines.

In my humble opinion, a water authority would work best for residents of our township. This would mean one department installing/servicing water lines, one group of employees, one fleet of water department vehicles, enhanced buying power for needed supplies/service, etc. I’m unfamiliar with the logistics of combining forces, but for the township residents this seems like the best solution. The water rate issue with the city has been going on far too long and it’s time to come to some kind of agreement for the betterment of Alpena Township residents.




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