News owes readers, subscribers an apology

The June 16 edition of The Alpena News contained an insert for the primary election, ‘Meet Your Candidates.’

In typical Associated Press and Alpena News style the insert couldn’t just tell us about the candidates, propaganda had to be included.

The insert contained an article by News writer Steve Schulwitz about the three GOP candidates running for the 106th State House position. Schulwitz noted how all three candidates believe there was some level of election fraud during the 2020 presidential election. Schulwitz however had to add the line “No evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election has ever been presented.”

That statement by Schulwitz is incorrect. The actions by Michigan SOS Benson to loosen vote regulations, exclusion of poll watchers from the Detroit area vote counting, the coordinated mysterious pause in vote counting in five states including Michigan, suitcases of ballots ‘found’ under tables in Georgia, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court usurping their Legislature on how elections are to be conducted are just a few of the irregularities. Read Article 1, Section 4 of the US Constitution.

Widespread fraud was alleged during the vote, but the courts and the media covered it up. The courts never took a serious look into the claims, dismissing them on dubious technicalities. Once fraud has been accepted, no further truly legitimate elections can take place. All future elections are now under suspicion.

A dementia riddled candidate for the office of president, that could not even leave his basement to campaign, did not get 81 million legitimate votes. There are many grossly stupid people in this country, but I doubt there are quite that many. We suffer the consequences for that bogus election now.

The Alpena News, and Schulwitz, owe subscribers and readers an apology and a change in the way they do business.


Rogers City


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