Corrections officers are true unsung heroes

In our society we are encouraged to praise and respect police officers. They “protect” us and are the true “heroes.” While I understand they have a difficult job and there are some good cops out there I believe there are true unsung heroes that we overlook.

Cops apprehend an alleged criminal; they are armed with weapons and handcuffs. Most of the time this happens without incident, the alleged perpetrator is put into a caged police car and dropped off at the county jail. For the most part their direct interaction with the alleged is done.

In my observations, this is where the true hero comes in; the corrections officers. The individual may be combative, struggle with mental health problems, be intoxicated or detoxing from drugs and who is left to deal with it? The corrections officers. Day in and day out, often treated with little to know respect, they serve inmates their meals, meds, de-escalate and diffuse situations, and take them to court/medical appointments. Their job doesn’t involve a weapon and continues throughout their 12-hour shift.

Depending on whether a person can bond out they could be in jail for weeks or months before their innocence or guilt can be proven. During this time it is the corrections officers who interact and care for the inmates in a truly thankless job.

The Alpena County Jail employs some of the nicest, most respectful individuals I have come across in my life and the county of Alpena owes them a debt of gratitude for the job they do. They are priceless employees who deserve recognition. So next time you’re encouraged to sing the praises of our police officers, don’t forget the unsung heroes in our community as well.




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