Is this really justice or did we get it wrong?

Our police and prosecutor do their best and would not purposely harass, prosecute or jail an innocent person. But no one is perfect and sometimes we have preconceived ideas that cloud our thinking.

Of course it’s important to protect our children, but it’s also important to get to the truth.

We have sent a loving mother and excellent teacher to jail, and what if we got it wrong?

What if she truly wanted to help him, and harbored no evil intent? What if he made it all up? What if he did rape her?

Even considering a difficult childhood, exposed to drugs and violence, letting

a young person get away with lying over and over again is not helping him. He is disrespecting the police and the court. What will he do next after getting away with that? Drugs, robbery, rape, assault?

I was in the courtroom every day for the trial and the sentencing. She was found not guilty of most charges, and I do not understand the one guilty charge or the sentence with its long term effects.

Is this justice, or did we get it wrong?




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