Who changed immigrants’ status in the US?

I was an immigrant to the U.S.

To obtain this status, I had to have a thorough physical exam to prove I was healthy, would not be a burden to the health care system, and did not have a communicable disease that could be transmitted to others. I had to get clearance from the federal police of my country to prove I was not a criminal and did not have a criminal past. I had to prove I was educated and trained in a profession that was in demand in the U.S. I had to prove there was a job waiting for me in the U.S., with an affidavit from my employer. I had to get clearance from the U.S. Department of Labor that I indeed had an occupation in demand in the U.S.

All of this was somewhat time-consuming, a minimum of six months, and slightly expensive. But I went through it all as so many other law-abiding immigrants have and are still doing to enter this country legally. If there is a quota, then you have to wait your turn; it could be years.

Were we not stupid when all we had to do was walk across the border, say we are harassed at home by some unknown entity, and are granted free access to this country, free access to health care, generous financial assistance, and freedom to spread whatever disease we have across this country. All we have to do is promise to vote Democratic, whether eligible or not. Another, even easier way, is to just sneak across the border. Then you don’t have to answer their silly questions and you can bring all the contraband you want. These people used to be called illegal aliens. Who changed their status?


Hubbard Lake


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