On abortion: labels make the difference

“Silence is not an option” in the Sept. 11, 2021 issue of The Alpena News shows again that labels make the difference. History records that abortion was originally a man’s solution to unwanted pregnancy. It absolved him of any responsibility for his actions. Women were originally reluctant to destroy a human life. But fast forward to the present, abortion was repackaged as a “woman’s right” to make it more palatable to women. It was grouped in with other things like equal employment and equal pay. Little attention has been given to the emotional effects abortion has on many women.

In a time when there are numerous effective ways to prevent pregnancy, the need for abortion should be very limited in scope. It should be performed only when the woman’s life is endangered or the fetus is not viable. It should never be a birth control measure!

The writer quotes that she is a supporter of “all women’s issues.” So, label it as an issue for women and she will support it. Critical thinking seems to have gone out the window in recent years.

Life is precious. Many people unable to have children would be happy to have a baby that is unwanted by the mother. Why not carry the child to full term and allow someone else the joy of parenthood? Support your community by supporting all life.


Rogers City


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