Not all older people disrespect the young

I would like to respond to Alyssa Ochss’ article entitled “Young people deserve respect too” from Sept. 10. It’s sad that you are judging all old people the same after hearing two stupid remarks from two old women. Believe me, not all old people disrespect the young.

I have three granddaughters. The oldest is in her late 30s. She and her husband own and manage a business. (She is also president of her town’s business coalition ) The second granddaughter is in her late 20s and is an accountant. The third granddaughter is in her late 20s. She and her husband manage and work a cattle ranch (she is also president of a cattle woman’s association). I constantly ask their advice and opinions. They are brilliant.

These three young ladies aren’t the only ones I listen to. Recently, I was introduced to a young lady in her early 30s who is a physical therapist. She has had an amazing life already. Also recently, I have a new foot doctor. I would guess she is in her early 30s and is extremely knowledgeable.

I have tremendous respect for all of these ladies. So, Alyssa, give us a chance and I bet you will change your mind.




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