Allor’s bill ignores the facts of science

In a recent letter to the editor, one reader described Sue Allor’s bill to ban employers from requiring COVID vaccines as ignorance of science. I must agree with that statement; it is a total ignoring of science facts. The ignorance is surpassed only by the hypocrisy of the bill. These anti-vaxxers to whom Allor is listening don’t want this new “unknown” substance in their bodies, but I bet when they get COVID, they won’t be refusing these new “unknown” medications the doctors are using to treat COVID. In addition, Allor claims to be protecting peoples’ rights. On the contrary, she is taking away the rights of business employees to set standards for their business and work forces and insure the safety of their workers. No one is being forced to be vaccinated, because employees are not being forced to work for specific employers. Those not wanting to be vaccinated have every right to find an employer who would not require a vaccine.

Since 54% of Michiganders have at least one dose of vaccine, it seems the very vocal anti-science, anti-vaxxers are just very vocal and not in the majority. Sue Allor would do well to look at the numbers. I hope everyone whose rights to manage their own businesses and to work in a safe workplace would be taken away by Allor’s bill will remember that at election time.


Presque Isle


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