Grateful for the service of health care workers

I recently received a total hip replacement at MidMichigan Medical Center. I was extremely pleased with the professional and caring services experienced in all stages of my treatment. I thought I would just be a number at the orthopedic surgeon’s office when I saw all the hustle and bustle there. But they were all efficient and accomplished with their various tasks, and also attended to my emotional needs when required.

I received ample verbal instruction, phone calls, folders of paperwork, and even viewed a video describing what to expect and exercises to perform before surgery to keep me informed, allow me to maintain self-responsibility, and relieve anxiety. I never waited long for anything at the surgeon’s office, or hospital from registration to surgery prep to recovery.

I have heard disparaging rumors about this hospital. Just like everything else these days, I guess. I worked for several years in healthcare and really do not know how any of the HC workers involved in my particular case could have done a better job. Caring for ailing human beings in today’s litigious-happy culture can be difficult. I am extremely grateful for their service, and thank God daily that these fine people continue to come to work in a difficult industry.


Hubbard Lake


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