Alpena hospital turned a bad situation great

Over the years, I have heard and read mixed reviews about the staff, facilities and care offered at Mid Michigan Medical Center – Alpena.

I am writing this to share with all that my recent experience was excellent from time of admittance to time of discharge.

It is never a good recipe when you shatter a wrist on Saturday evening and have strong concerns about the local medical facility.

This apprehension was immediately calmed by an avalanche of great care in the emergency room. Within 20 minutes I was surrounded by staff poised for action providing pain care, X-rays and consultation.

Due to my open wound fracture, my case was quickly elevated to Dr. Beltinck. To my surprise the ER doctor and staff were not only talking to him, but he was on his way in. Being that it was midnight, I was shocked and pleasantly surprised when he arrived within 20 minutes. I was impressed that they would take the time to explain my situation, calm my fears, and offer a solution.

The care of the facility continued as they offered surgery Sunday at 8 a.m. and offered to admit me in lieu of leave/return.

The surgery was executed flawlessly. I was in and out with plate and screws within two hours. The staff continued post recovery monitoring for three more hours. When they were convinced I was fed, rested, stable, and alert for recovery, they discharged me with all requested paperwork.

In summary, my experience with the June 26h Saturday night ER staff, the 3rd floor staff, the MMMC-A facility and Dr. B was perfect and exceeded all expectations. I would strongly advocate folks consider addressing your care needs there in lieu of traveling elsewhere.


Bloomfield Hills


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