Grateful for the kindness I recently received

Such good people in our world.

I was walking out of Wal-Mart after I did my shopping. When I was going to exit the front door, I met a young man coming in pushing a cart. I assumed he was a “carry out person,” so I said, “You are the carry out, I was waiting for you.” He said, “Sure, I can help you.” So we walked toward my car and I opened the trunk. He said, “A big trunk and so clean.” Compliments to my husband.

While he was putting the groceries into the trunk, I asked him, “What do you do at Wal-Mart, besides carrying out groceries?” He said, “I don’t work here, I’m a cook at Applebees.” I was embarrassed and I apologized for my assumption. He said, “That’s ok, glad to help.”

Then he took out his cell phone and asked me to stand by my car and took my picture. What an experience!




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