Under Biden, our nation is in deep trouble

To paraphrase a writing by E.P. Unum in Rip McIntosh’s blog on April 23, I am more afraid of a Democrat in the White House and Red China than I am of COVID-19 and the Russians right now. The Harris-Biden administration appears to be intent on provoking an altercation with the Russians while at the same time appeasing and groveling to the Red Chinese. Have you noticed how no one questions just what the Chinese were doing in trying to make mutant viruses like the Chinese Virus? Obviously they were trying to make biological weapons to use against us and the rest of the world, but it appears no one is particularly interested in making that direct charge. It all makes me wonder what China has on the “Big Guy” and his son Hunter that makes that possible.

To quote E.P. directly from his writing, “The Democrats today are not the party of your parents or grandparents anymore. And they are far more interested in power than they are in improving the quality of life for everyday Americans. They are in the midst of implementing the plan, begun by Barack Hussein Obama, to cripple the United States of America and pit blacks against whites and Asians against Hispanics. They are executing a plan to turn America into a socialist state en route towards a communist totalitarian state.”

If you don’t agree with what Mr. Unum says, I challenge you to name one thing that the Harris-Biden administration has done, or has proposed, that improves our freedoms and makes the life of us everyday Americans better. Our nation is in deep, deep trouble and it will take a miracle for us to survive.


Rogers City


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