Michigan has a chance to move forward

We’re facing big challenges — including defeating the virus, creating jobs, and dealing with climate change. Defeating the virus requires us to get vaccinated to achieve normalcy.

Michigan is getting large sums of tax dollars to help with the effects of COVID on businesses, schools, internet, climate change and infrastructure. We need to use it wisely. Before the pandemic recession, clean energy was creating jobs 70% faster than the rest of the economy.

These funds can be used to get the internet which is so vital to all aspects of our lives and for the future economy of our area. We need to prepare for a life without fossil fuels. Schools can invest in geothermal for heating and electric buses for transporting our students for example. Line 5 is a threat to our tourist economy and fresh water.

General Motors recently announced they aim for all cars and pickup trucks to be electric by 2035. This is a big deal. Ford followed by announcing it will double its investments in electric vehicles over the next five years to $22 billion. We’re also seeing new innovations in batteries and clean energy. That has already caused huge price drops for wind and solar energy — now among the cheapest forms of energy

Urge your legislator to pass clean energy bills, including 100% renewable energy for Michigan, many states already have. The legislature should start now and make clean energy more accessible to all by lifting the solar cap on solar energy and promoting wind power.

Use your voice and let your township, city, county commissioner, state senator and state representative know how you want your tax dollars spent to make your and future Michiganders lives better.


Presque Isle


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