Grateful for support received in time of need

Recently, I was at the Alpena hospital for therapy. Everyone was nice to me, especially the nurses and doctors. I am grateful to them all. One nurse reminds me of when I was younger and raising my kids alone. I am grateful to Dr. Hanna for taking care of me and fixing my problem. Everyone in therapy was very nice and if there was something that was hard for me to do, they didn’t make me do more than I could do. But they helped me to do what I can do to get stronger.

I am home now, doing better and having lots of help from very nice ladies from social service. Two very nice and sweet therapists and one very special nurse, Nurse Roseanne Schultz, who also helped take care of my son before he passed away in 2011. I’m also grateful to my girls, Sue and Harry, Michelle and Rick, and all my grandchildren for all of their calls, especially my granddaughter, Kristy Hagner, for all her calls and visits since I have been sick. I’m grateful for my very special and dear friend, Rose Whitter, who I sat with at First Baptist Church for her support. I’m grateful to my pastor Paul and pastor and Mrs. Manning for their spiritual blessings. If I missed anyone, I’m sorry and I say thank God every day for his blessing.




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