Don’t let legislators take away your voice

Only two short years ago, Michigan voters proclaimed that they wanted a clearer voice in Michigan’s future by demanding more equal representation and easier voting procedures. The propositions approved in this 2018 election passed by more than a 2-to-1 margin statewide. In Alpena County, voters approved the new laws by 53% and 60%.

Using some new procedures, like letting anyone mail in their vote, led to much higher participation in the last election. Hooray democracy! Hooray for our individual voices being heard!

Despite this wonderful turnout, the Republicans, who lost the national presidency, could only call foul. This led to some 240 audits and recounts that only proved the election results did represent the voice of the people. Still, they want to reverse the laws WE the PEOPLE voted for in 2018.

Do not let a small group of legislators believe they have the right to take away your voice and ignore one of our democracy’s very basic tenets: voting for how we should be governed.

Call your State Senator and Representative and tell them your voice matters. Tell them you expect them to vote against any new law that changes the voting rules established by the 2018 election. Tell them you expect them to protect your right to vote, easily and fairly.

Alpena County is represented by Senator Jim Stamas, whose number in Lansing is 517-373-7946. Alpena’s state Representative is Sue Allor at 517-373-0833.

Our democracy needs YOUR voice.


Hubbard Lake


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