Can’t understand the disrespect for our flag

I cannot understand how the media ignores blatant disrespect of our country’s flag. Federal law is being broken and the symbol of all Americans’ freedoms is being defaced all across our country, including at rallies, in communities, and during the recent Jan. 6 violent event.

The U.S. Code Title 4 #8 Respect for the flag starts out “No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America.” This code is violated as spelled out in (g) and (i), daily throughout our Republic. Many Americans have been violating this code in the name of their personal political opinions. Additionally, the United States Code Title 4 #3 addresses advertisements.

Flying any flag other than a state or approved POW flag on the same pole as the American flag is unlawful. Flying any flag above the American flag is unlawful. Flying an advertisement flag with the American flag, political or otherwise is unlawful. Many other actions included in the Title 4 Code are violated throughout our great country daily.

So many citizens insisted on taking a knee during our national anthem. Headlines are printed by the media. Why has disrespect of the flag remained unreported?

Politically divisive flags are flown illegally and our flag is disrespected with slogans and pictures.

Shame on us all for turning a blind eye. I personally regret not speaking out sooner. I didn’t want to further inflame the political divide of the past election. It’s time federal flag laws are included in local codes and ordinances and enforced. We cannot shirk from our duty to enforce the laws our officials are sworn to protect.

The flag still flies, but it has lost its importance. It’s been overshadowed by political flags. Lost to politics is the remembrance of those we send to defend it.




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