How can Bergman support people like Greene?

“Support is the act of showing that you believe that someone is good and that you approve of them.”

Congressional Representative Marjorie Greene stated that lasers from space started the California wildfires, the Las Vegas massacre was part of a massive conspiracy to enact “gun control,” that a plane never hit the Pentagon, and worst of all, that 20 children and six adults killed in the Sandy Hook school was a staged event, and it goes on and on!

Our First District Representative Jack Bergman must believe that she is a good person and approved of what she said because he voted to keep her on all of her house committees including the Education Committee. He is a retired General of the United States Marine Corp who I didn’t vote for, but I did believe that he was an honorable man. But after he voted twice to overturn a legitimate election and now supports someone like Rep. Greene to make laws and run our country, what am I to think, what are you thinking? Will you continue to support this man? Would you vote for him again? After his last vote supporting Rep. Greene I believe he is an embarrassment to our District, our State, and most of all, our country! I say again, he should be censored!

Michael l. McGirr



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