Alpena Christians, please be encouraged

The Day of Purim starts this year on the evening of Feb. 25 and is to be remembered and celebrated worldwide by Christians, according to the Bible Book of Esther, Chapter 9, Verse 28. This history has been verified as true by historians such as Herodotus at approximately 458 BC and is recorded in 10 easily read chapters that sound like a modern day thriller you don’t want to miss.

The courage and faith of this amazing woman to save her people from the holocaust of corrupt government has remarkable similarities for modern day America. Readers are urged to review the Bible Book of Esther and be inspired, encouraged, blessed, and motivated to see and celebrate the truth.

Corrupt government results in bondage. Truth sets us free and leads to liberty for our souls as well as a way of life. Every day can and should be a Day of Purim; and by the way, Chronicles 7:14 is still in play for Christians who want a better country.




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