US becoming third-world country on voting

The Monday, Dec. 28 Alpena News had on its front page an Associated Press (AP) article titled “Despite smooth election, GOP leaders seek vote restrictions”. That headline made me burst out laughing.

The article claimed that expanded absentee voting “proved hugely popular and helped ensure one of the smoothest election days in recent years.” Further on it claimed that absentee voting, which included some states sending ballots to every registered voter, while others dropped the requirements that voters needed specific excuses to cast absentee ballots, did not lead to widespread fraud. Courts and state secretaries usurped the state legislative bodies and changed voting rules. Early voting and mail in ballots led to many states not even requiring that signatures on the ballots and return envelopes match or be legible. The ballots were counted and separated from the envelopes so that in many, if not most cases, disputed ballots could not be reconciled.

This country must clean up the voting process. Those defending fraud claim that there wasn’t enough fraud to change the outcome of the elections. Elections are decided lately on single or fractional percentage points. How do they know that fraud wasn’t rampant if there hasn’t been a comprehensive investigation of all the signed and witnessed affidavits people filed, under penalty of conviction of a crime, to the fraud they witnessed? This election was the poster child for widespread fraud. Anyone willing to believe that Joe Biden received the majority of LEGITIMATE votes is either stupid or willing to cover up the truth about the rigged elections that we have begun to allow in America.

We are becoming a third world country in how our voting is regulated. America has four main enemies and I now rank them in order as the Media, our Courts, China, and Russia.


Rogers City


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