The establishment has already achieved unity

It is always interesting to read the many articles about how we need to unify and how one party is worse than the other.

My friends, unity has already been achieved by both parties long ago. Of course, this is not unity among the everyday people; no, it is unity among the Democratic and Republican establishments.

They are united in pitting us against each other for their political and financial gain. Look no further than the narrative the media is currently pushing: “Trump supporters raid the Capitol.”

Are they seriously telling us that the party of law and order, the party that condemned antifa violence, and the party that has had thousands of peaceful rallies simply went off the rails? They are taking us for fools; those invaders were identified as antifa and far leftists dressed in sheep’s clothing. So please, let’s stop blaming our neighbors and start blaming the establishment.

God bless!


3rd District Montmorency County Commissioner,

Chairman of the Montmorency County GOP


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