Proposed high school civics class is needed

The divisions of our Nation are simple and complex. One thing I have noticed is that many, or maybe most persons making political and government references do not know the definitions of the words they use in internet posts; such as republic, democracy, communism, socialism, and fascism; nor are they familiar with what different groups stand for, such as antifa, Proud Boys, Boogla, and Militia.

They may not know what the duties of elected officials are, or the limitations placed on them by the U.S. Constitution.

Most surprising to me is how many persons do not know what county seat means. A high school civics class is needed, no matter how named. It is critical that this is studied early, to gain an understanding government and politics.

The U.S. Constitution is not black and white. U.S. Supreme Court justices disagree over the meaning of its passages, though they have all spent their adult lives studying it. Debate and discussion of the different interpretations of the Constitution must be allowed, since that is how it is in real life.

It is proposed that the students be graded by a combination of how well they do individually, and as a group. We are judged individually, and our teams are judged after our school years. Sports teams win or lose. Sports fans judge the coaches, individual players, and the team as a whole.

Leadership is critical. The proposed high school class, Perspectives of Democracy needs support. How groups are chosen is important, as it is in life after school. Will the teacher decide, or will it be the students who is in their group? Will there be a leader for each group?

Getting along to reach common goals is a skill that adults need to have.




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